Yoga Burn Review – Is Yoga Burn Legitimate?

If you’ve been searching for the latest yoga trends, there is a high chance you’ve come across Yoga Burn (previously known as Her Yoga Secrets). Maybe you’ve been wondering what it is and why people are so crazy about it. Well, if you want an effective full body workout plan that will help you lose weight and become lean, not bulky in a matter of weeks, then yoga burn is all you got.

So, what is the exercise program all about? If you’re one of those who never finds time to go to the gym but want to lose weight and live healthily, Yoga Burn is your best bet. Read on to find out how.

What is Yoga Burn?


Yoga Burn is a 12-week yoga home-workout plan that is designed to help you lose excessive weight, improve strength and flexibility, and achieve that lean yoga look you see on Instagram.

It features a variety of video series that shows you how to perform different yoga exercises that will help you transform your body into a toned figure. The program consists of three phases: Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow and lastly, Mastery Flow. See details below.

Each phase you will find up to three hands-on videos to how you are supposed to perform yoga for weight loss. The program recommends that you complete all the three videos at least once each week. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t increase the intensity. If you want to achieve more, you can always repeat the exercises in the video as many times as you want.

In addition to the primary yoga workout videos, Yoga Burn offers 4 bonus videos that include yoga pose training, tools, and tips that will help get the best out of the ancient practice of yoga.


Meet the author / instructor

zoe bray cotton yoga burn reviewsZoe Bray-Cotton is the author and the sole instructor of Yoga Burn. She is a certified instructor, a female body transformation expert and a personal trainer who has helped women get their dream bodies.

Zoe created Yoga Burn with the intention of reaching women who have been struggling to get into shape. She has introduced an invent approach to exercising known as dynamic sequencing intended to promote weight loss naturally without the use of harmful substances such as diet pills or starving yourself only to gain back the pounds months later.

With that in mind, here is what you will find in the Yoga Burn course.

Phase 1 – Foundational Flow

This phase takes you through an introduction video and the basics of yoga poses. Zoe introduces you to yoga and shows standalone yoga poses correctly. I’ve seen too many beginners who make a rookie mistake by skipping building a strong yoga foundation. I know the word “foundation” sounds boring, but do not skip this. Being able to perform and breathe proper yoga poses determines whether you sink or swim in yoga.

The goal of this phase is to prepare you for the soon-to-come complex poses correctly and flawlessly. Zoe also teaches you how to breathe properly in each pose. You will learn how to control your core muscles – and your breath – to perform each movement. Even though this phase is designed to help you learn the basics of yoga, you will engage a variety of workouts that will make your sweat like a pig and you will feel the burn.


Phase 2 – Transitional Flow

This phase features a 15-minute introduction video just like the first phase but comes with three more workouts. Here Zoe teaches you how you can combine the yoga poses to create an effective sequence and how to transition between each pose. By completing the first phase, you should already be familiar with the foundational yoga poses.

Zoe uses this phase to keep you motivated, reduce the every-day stress and improve your morale when performing these workouts. You will learn how to maintain a proper posture when sitting down, how to distress and lastly, how to increase confidence when doing other things. Transition Flow is hands-down my favorite phase.

Phase 3 – Mastery flow

At this point you’ve already participated in yoga burn for two months! You nailed the basics and now you are ready for some challenge. Mastery flow features the last instruction video and three more workout videos.

The phase is engineered to maximize the impacts of yoga for weight loss and to achieve optimum results. At this phase, Zoe concentrates on combining all the poses plus the sequences that you were taught in foundational and transitional flow phases to create YOUR perfect workout plan. The workout plan that will improve the way your body functions to burn calories and tone your body. Expect more reps as well as movements that engage your whole body in improving your metabolism as well as muscle toning process.


  1. It is designed to meet your needs – Whether you are a new yoga student – regardless of age – looking to get the yoga body or an athlete looking to gain flexibility, strength and durability, Yoga Burn will help you meet your goals.
  2. Mental and physical benefits – One of the major issues affecting us today – whether you are a parent or single – is stress. Yoga Burn will not only to help you achieve a yoga physique you desire but also improve your mental fitness.
  3. Easy to follow – Yoga Burn is one of the few online training courses that offers clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Trust me, I’ve tried many. Plus, Zoe’s videos are consistently organized throughout the program. .
  4. Improve how you breathe – Proper breathing is vital. It lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, increase metabolism, and promote clear thinking among other benefits. Throughout the program, Zoe continuously reminds you to breathe as you perform the poses. She tells you when to breathe in and out throughout the process.
  5. Fits your busy schedule – If you are ever-busy, you might not find time to engage even in the simplest exercises like walking. Each of the videos in this program takes 45 minutes, meaning that you are only required to spare 3 hours a week. You can practice yoga for weight loss right at home.
  6. It is cost effective – Yoga Burn costs $37, one-time access. A membership at a local yoga class, yoga clothes and transportation costs do add up. Yoga Burn allows you to practice yoga at home, at any time. If you do not like the pressure of a group fitness at a local yoga studio, give Yoga Burn a try. Did I mention that Yoga Burn comes with a 60-day money back guarantee? This means you will be to see the full product and decide if it will work for you. You are not risking a penny, but a moment of your time. And please – take it for spin for the full 60-day period before deciding one way or another.


The only con I can think of is that Yoga Burn is an actual workout. That means you will commit a time and honest efforts to work for it. It is, by no mean, a magic pill. Such things do not exist. The bottom line is that Yoga Burn will work for you, only if you allow it to work for you.

The final thoughts

Overall, Yoga Burn is one of the workouts that have proven effective and time efficient, not only to those who have the time to exercise but also to single ladies or parents who are always busy. According to the Zoe, completing the Yoga Burn workout plan will help burn the fat, tone your body which in turns will make you feel lighter, more energized and happier.

One thing I know you will like about this program is that all the instructions are clear. Unlike any other programs, you won’t struggle to go through the internet looking for answers.

yoga guideAll is required of you is to pay close attention to what the instructor says and perform the exercises as seen on the videos. If your main excuse for not working out is time, I highly suggest that you invest on this yoga burn to make your life easier. After all, it is guaranteed to work for you or a full refund.

I hope my Yoga Burn review has equipped you with information to help you decide whether or not Yoga Burn will be the right solution for your health and lifestyle. Zoe’s official page has a video that explains her program in detail, I suggest giving it a watch.